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EXIT Group

EXIT Group Mission

exit group mission

Corporate Mission Statement as Decision Making Manifest


Iran ICC

EXIT Group as ICC member

EXIT Economic Collaboration Group in order to fulfill its vision, from October 2007 officially joined the Iran Chamber of Commerce and the license has been issued in domestic and foreign trade numbered 11129329, and is ready to provide services to its respected customers.

IT outsourcing services

IT outsourcing services

Significant savings, predictable IT costs, best practices and customized service quality

Business Process Services

Business Process Services

Lower costs and achieve optimal business performance

Organizations in all industries are under enormous pressure to do more with less. With EXIT Group's business process services (BPS), clients are lowering administrative and operating costs, delivering new services more quickly, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing their focus on core business activities.

Entrepreneurship Faculty of University of Tehran extended its sponsorship and support to EXIT Group

Tehran University Spin-off

EXIT Economic Collaboration Group on 16th Feb 2015 succeeded to gain license for consultation of "information and services to entrepreneurship" numbered 932/40/322159 from the Department of Employment and Entrepreneurship in Tehran - Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare. In this regard, the EXIT Group as an entrepreneurship center is to provide services to startups and  entrepreneurs.